Dear friends of Burbank and beyond,

Welcome! Our names are Nicolina Logan and Renee Henn, and we are the co-founders of the Burbank Chamber Music Society. Here is our story . . .

We met as music majors in college, where we played chamber music together every week. Every school term, we formed small groups with all kinds of instruments—often piano, but sometimes cello, oboe, bassoon, or saxophone—and learned music. We played all kinds of music with all kinds of people, each with backgrounds, personalities, and perspectives often different from our own. In these weekly rehearsals we learned not only about music, but also about communication—how to formulate focused ideas, articulate them to our colleagues, implement various strategies in search of a common goal, and discover, together, how to proceed. At the end of ten weeks, we would perform our work and share what we had discovered with the generous help of our coaches. We did this every school term for four years, making many friendships along the way.

Once during a rehearsal, a dear colleague had an illuminating thought. "You know,"she said,

"a great thing about chamber music is that since there is no conductor, everyone has to be

a leader." Each person leads, and yet each person is equal. This interactive experience was teaching us not only how to make music together, but how to coexist within our differences—how to actively explore different perspectives, expand our understanding of ourselves and

one another, and welcome communal growth—musically or otherwise.

The word "chamber" refers not only to the close quarters where chamber music is played, but also to the intimacy this kind of experience affords—why chamber music is known as "the music of friends." We wanted to find a way to extend this friendship to the residents and visitors of Nicolina's hometown of Burbank, CA, and to build a musical community gathering place that reflects the historically vibrant, intimate, and innovative character of this town. So in January of 2017 we founded the Burbank Chamber Music Society, in celebration of music, friendship, and the very idea itself—that being a leader means being a listener, too.

We would be very pleased to meet you someday, and invite you to be part of our story in any way you see fit. Thank you 
for reading—and thank you for being part of the BCMS community!


With all best wishes,

Nicolina and Renee

Co-founders / Co-artistic Directors

Burbank Chamber Music Society

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