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What is chamber music?
Chamber music refers to any style of music made by 2 - 13 musicians, usually one to a part and without a conductor, played in some small space: a "chamber." This can be a living room, a coffee shop, a backyard—even a bar. Because there is no conductor in chamber music, each player in the ensemble has to be a leader. Each person leads, and yet each person is equal—and so the word "chamber" refers not only to the close quarters of the space, but also to the intimacy this kind of experience affords—why chamber music is known as "the music of friends."

I have never been to a chamber music concert. What can I expect?
BCMS concerts are neighborhood gatherings of friends old and new that just happen to feature live music. You can expect a warm welcome, an exciting, diverse program of music in a vibrant and intimate space, and a meaningful evening of art and human connection. Also, light treats and refreshments! Everyone is welcome to share this experience.

What should I do at a chamber music concert?

There is nothing you are supposed to do at a chamber music concert, though if there is one thing you might enjoy doing, it could be listening closely to your surroundings. You might feel relaxed, be entertained, learn something new about a particular instrument, composer, or piece of music, or simply wander with thoughts, feelings, dreams, memories . . . the way you listen is up to you!

Why are your concerts free admission?

BCMS wants everyone to be able to share the joy, wonder, and beauty of live chamber music, and strives to make our fundamental human need for art and human connection—and the art of human connection—accessible to every member of our community. Concerts are made possible by the generosity of people like you. Learn more here.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with the BCMS mission! You can make BCMS concerts possible by becoming a donor, make them meaningful by coming to one of them, or help things run efficiently by volunteering at an event.
Have another idea? 
Email us at burbankchambermusic@gmail.com!


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